Five Continents offers a unique special care pet relocation service all over the world.

Our qualified teams aim is to plan and organize your pets travel requirements in accordance with International air transport association, quarantine and customs regulations.

Alleviating your pet travel concerns by handling the entire process for your every step of the way, and ensuring all country compliances are met for your pet’s safe arrival at their destination.
From booking your pet’s flight to assisting you in obtaining an EU pet passport. Arranging veterinary vaccination and microchip insertion to providing essential adequate crate size for your pets comfort. Also natural anti-anxiety products are available on request.

We are ready, no matter where in the world, to make certain that your pets are accommodated for and their travel runs according to plan.


All your pets  travelling to and from Cyprus and the EU will need to meet the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme. Each animal will require:

  • Valid E.U pet passport,  evidencing microchip insertion on the animal. Between 1-5 days prior travelling the animal shall be examined and the passport shall be endorsed by a veterinary as ‘fit to fly’.
  • Rabies vaccination certificate to fly. All animals must be >3 months old and they cannot travel within 21 days of vaccination.

Should you need to fly your pets to another destination outside of the EU, the requirements vary from country to country. Info upon request.



Pets must travel only in IATA approved crates/containers, depending on individual pet specifications as follows:

  1. Length from  tip or nose to the end of its body… not including the tail.
  2. Leg length from the floor to the elbow joint.
  3. Width at widest part.
  4. Height  from the top of the head , or if your pet has erect ears from the tip of his ears to the floor.


Any animal found to be under sedation at check in, will not be allowed to fly for animal’s health & safety reasons. Natural alternatives should be chosen instead :

  • Use of natural anti-anxiety products such as Adaptil collars (dogs) or Flyaway spray (cats), which can assist to keep your pets calm.
  • Pet pre-travel training. Encourage your pet to feel at ease in their own travel crate,well before the actual travel.



When flying your pets as cargo, they will be required to travel in the hold of the aircraft and not in the cabin. Nobody has access to the hold during the flight. Thus packaging and pre-flight conditions are quite important.



At time of arrival the pets will be taken from the plane and transported to the Customs warehouse. District Veterinary officer or Customs Officer will meet you to check the animals Pet Passport, general animal health, Rabies nd any other Certificates applicable . They will undergo several checks before being released.


If all of the above requirements are not complied with, your pet will not be allowed entry into any European countries. It will either be placed into quarantine, or be returned to the country it has come from..

No matter where your final destination is, you can be assured we are here to ensure your pet's travel plans and requirements.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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