One of the most common questions importers face, with or without the necessary know-how and experience, is whether they should insure their goods or not. A question that MUST of course show a WARNING sign as your decision is likely to determine at a given time significant losses and possibly the survival of your business.


You can not ignore numbers and chances

  • On average, 127 large ships are 'lost' per year worldwide
  • The Eastern Mediterranean and the British Isles are recently the most prone areas worldwide in such incidents
  • Ships and fishing vessels record over 50% of such damage
  • Losses on thefts and accidents exceeded $ 55 billion in 2015


All risks are transferred to the insurance company

Remove from you all direct and indirect risks of total or partial loss of your merchandise by:

  • Fire / flood / disasters
  • Theft
  • Transport / Load Accidents
  • Problematic means of transport
  • Third party negligence
  • Cases of "Common Avarias"


Low cost of insurance coverage

Secure your goods for up to 400 times cheaper than the value of your merchandise. The cost of insuring your goods is determined by the nature and value of your merchandise and the type of insurance chosen. We will help you make the right choices!

Five Continents Insurance Agents, Sub Agents & Consultants Ltd, is an authorized insurance intermediary. We act with seriousness and professionalism. Professional cargo services require knowledge and experience from the transport world. As a transportation company, with countless experiences over 20 years, we are in a good position to provide the right insurance advice for transporting your goods better than any other.

  • Free professional advice
  • Automatic coverage of insurance coverage
  • Automatic issue of insurance certificate
  • Immediate claim for insurance compensation
  • Direct access to all necessary documents
  • Maximum rate of insurance indemnity




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